Why You Must Wear A Sunscreen?

Effects of ultraviolet rays make our facial skin look more aged. It makes our skin dull, dry, cracks that lead to wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and even skin cancer. That’s why even dermatologists recommend using a high-grade SPF cream to keep skin rejuvenated. A good sunscreen cream has the propensity to protect your skin from damage, repair and rejuvenate your skin as well to reverse aging-signs and keep your skin glowing and rejuvenating. While selecting a sun cream you make sure that it has SPF 15 or more but not less than that. With summer people start rushing to shops and medical store to purchase a good sunscreen cream. However, if you are still confused regarding its use then here are some reasons which will guide you why you should use sunscreen cream.

According to experts “ a good quality sunscreen cream, does not allow sun rays to damage our skin. A sunscreen cream with SPF 30 filters 96.7% of UV rays while with SPF 60 filters 98.3% UV rays. So, if you want to look young and ageless for a long then it is very much necessary to indulge a good sunscreen cream into your daily routine. It heals your skin and repairs it as well to keep your skin healthy and ageless.

Top 10 reasons why you should use a sunscreen cream!!!!!

  • Protect your skin from sinister UV rays: If you want to look youthful for long then it is very much necessary that you should wear a sunscreen cream daily. Presently, the case of skin cancer has increased because of depletion in the ozone layer. So, a good sunscreen cream with large SPF shields your facial skin by reflecting UV rays. To keep your skin safe and youthful a sunscreen is very much necessary.
  • Prevents sunburn: Sun rays makes our skin dry and cracked by losing moisture. Sometimes its sinister effects in summer not limited to dryness only. It leads to the redness, burning sensation as well as inflammatory issues as well which is known as sunburn. It is quite painful and common in summer as well. So, prevents painful sunburn with a good sunscreen cream.
  • Inhibits premature aging-signs: The continuous exposure to sun depletes the level of collagen and various essential nutrients present in our skin. These nutrients are responsible to keep skin young and rejuvenating. So, with using sunscreen cream you can keep your skin protected from aging signs. It does not allow, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and dark spots bother you at the late twenties only.
  • Prevents tanning: Love to go to beaches, outside, wants to wear short dresses, shorts but hate tanning. Sunscreen cream is the best way to inhibit tanning. The discoloration of the skin is common in summer. We know each and every lady hates tanning and wants to keep their skin tone equal and fair. So, if you want to keep your skin glowing, healthy and tan free then nothing is best as compared to a good sunscreen cream.
  • Lowers the Risk Of Skin Cancer – Dermatologists and skin care experts believe that wearing a sunscreen not only benefits your skin for the beauty reason but also shields it from the risk of different types of skin cancer, especially, melanoma.
  • Reduces Blotchiness On Face – Applying sunscreen can prevent the formation of red veins eruptions and irritating blotchiness on your face. It also helps to prevent the formation of acne that is caused by sun rays.
  • Improves Your Skin Health – Collagen, Elastin and keratin which are the essential skin proteins are also protected by the sunscreen. These are the proteins that are necessary for maintaining the smooth and healthy texture of your skin. Just make sure that your sunscreen consists of titanium oxide.
  • Offers Better Protection Than A Cloth Cover – As a matter of fact, a cotton dress gives zero protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. While a genuine sunscreen will help you protect your skin under your dress as well.
  • You Will Not Need To Reapply it After Swimming: Most of the sun blocks or sunscreens that are available in the market nowadays are waterproof. This helps you to enjoy swimming in water without getting tanned.
  • A Good Cosmetic Option: These days, you can get a sunscreen which also works as a cream. You can simply apply it and leave. It will make you look and feel fresh.
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Why You Must Wear A Sunscreen?
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Why You Must Wear A Sunscreen?

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